Măng xông Tập điểm CTO-16 (16 cổng ra)

‘- 4 Cổng vào và 16 cổng ra.
– Chuyên dùng đấu nối cáp quang.
– Kết nối cuối tuyến quang

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Mô tả sản phẩm

Features Benefits
2 sides organizer Clear demarcation point between network side and distribution side. Easy subscriber activation process without accessibility to splice area Loose tube slack management Allows using mid fiber count cables commonly used. Intelligent fiber management Allows fiber management and maintenance without need to cut fibers passing trough. No need to disconnect subscriber already activated on the closure.
Fully mechanical cable strain relief No need of special or heat tools. Fully cable preparation out of the closure.
Capacity for up to 16 subscribers Proper for highly populated neighbors. 2 derivation ports Allows cable derivation from terminal closure. No need for additional splice closure Fixed couplings plate During maintenance operation on splice area, no need to disconnect subscribers connectors.
Cover partial disengage capability from closure base No need to fully remove cover during subscriber activation.
3M CTO NG16 Aerial Terminal closure allows to distribute up to 16 subscriber on FTTh deployment with easy implementation and competitive costs. CTO NG16 is intended for pole and wall applications.

3M TM CTO NG16 Aerial Terminal closure specifications
1 Recommended use of circular cable similar to CFOA-SM-DD-G
2 Strain relief using cable aramid yarn
Cable Entry configurations Specified
Oval Entry 1
Main cable diameter 5 to 11 mm
Sealing system Mechanical ECAM OvalBR
Derivation Entry
Entry ports capacity 2
Cable diameter 4 to 12 mm
Sealing system Mechanical ECAM S12
Distribution Entry
Entry ports capacity 16
Cable dimensions: Circular 3 to 7 mm diameter Flat cable 2 x 3 mm FRP cable 2 x3 mm FRP cable
Sealing System Mechanical ECAM S7 Mechanical ECAM FRP BR
Fiber management
Network side
Splitters capacity 2 x 1:8 or 1x 1:16 connectorized SC
Maximum length for splitter output fibers. 600 mm when used in maximum capacity 1:16
1000 mm when used only half capacity 1:8
Splice capacity Up to 36 fusion splices
Distribution side
Number of connector ports 16
Connector type SC
Operation Temperature -25° C to 75°C (IEC 61300-2-22)
Main cable pull out force2 440 N (IEC 61300-2-4)
Distribution cable pull out force 100 N (IEC 61300-2-4)
Mechanical IP protection IP 55 (ABNT NBR IEC 60529)
UV Resistance Aging test per ASTM G155 Cycle 1